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We repair, replace and install Boilers for the greater Denver, Colorado area.We know the importance of a well maintained boiler to the comfort of our customers and their families.

 Highwater Plumbing & Heating is your Denver Metro area Boiler experts.


Repairing your home’s boiler system can be a difficult, as well as dangerous without the proper knowledge. Many people will either ignore the situation to avoid repair costs, or attempt to remedy the issues themselves, this should never be your course of action.

    Avoiding repairs can worsen the situation while attempting repairs without the proper knowledge can also create a bigger mess and can be dangerous. 

Many issues that commonly affect boilers are:  Leaks, burst pipes, rusted plumbing, and inefficient boilers. Issues such as leaks and cracks can easily be identified by the naked eye, you will usually find a puddle of water around your boiler or water pouring out. This is an emergency and should be addressed quickly before it causes more damage to your home. Other boiler issues such as inefficient functioning can be less physically noticeable and more noticeable in you receive your heating bill. 

While attempting to remedy boiler issues yourself can be a way to save money, without the proper knowledge and experience it can be dangerous and cost you more than you would have spent calling in a professional.   The repairs you attempt can actually cause damage to your boiler including damage to the pipes, gaskets, and functionality of the boiler. Our expert staff has the knowledge to repair your boiler efficiently and professionally. We are licensed and have the necessary expertise.

Trust Highwater Plumbing & Heating with all your Denver Metro boiler repair needs.

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