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We repair, replace and install furnaces for the greater Denver, Colorado area.We know the importance of your home’s furnace. It provides comfort during our cold Colorado winters. Highwater Plumbing & Heating is your Denver Metro area home furnace heating experts.


Why Does My Furnace Need to be Replaced?

Many times a furnace is damaged beyond repair, or you feel that your current furnace does not meet your homes needs and is do for an upgrade.  While furnaces are made to last, over time they begin to break down. Repair after repair begins to be the norm, along with higher than usual bills. The replacement of the furnace however can remedy these issues quickly and effectively.

Damaged vents, pipes, burners, pilot lights, thermostats, and acidic erosion can all contribute to the damage of your furnace. Over time many of these issues can become serious. While some of these issues can be prevented with maintenance, there may come a point where these issues are too serious. When these issues become consistent, the need for furnace replacements will become more and more evident.

If your furnace does need to be replaced you will find once you pick the right furnace for you, you will start saving money in heating costs. Highwater Plumbing & Heating will help you calculate the size of furnace needed and the amount it will save over time. The furnace is probably the largest appliance in your home or office and has a large impact on what it costs to heat a structure. Thousands of dollars can be saved each year with a new unit. Similarly, it can be a safer solution as many of the issues that come with a damaged furnace can lead to extensive damage and dangers to your home, business, and family.

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